Have you ever said this about the IELTS Writing test?

“I just need a half band more.”

“I keep taking the test and getting the same result.”

“I can’t tell the difference between a band 6 and a band 6.5”

If you answered yes, then this book might be for you. In it you will:

– discover what IELTS examiners are looking for in your writing

– see what the examiners see

– understand the scoring criteria

(Task Achievement / Response; Cohesion & Coherence; Lexical Resource; Grammatical Range &


– find out how errors affect your overall writing score

– compare 40 original samples ranging from band 4.5 to band 9

– avoid making the same mistakes again and again

Learn not only what to do, but also what not to do. By knowing how points are lost you can strengthen your writing to get the higher bands.

All the writing samples presented here were written by students like you who are preparing to take the IELTS exam. See their original writing samples, each accompanied by a comprehensive edit with notes on the four criteria, an evaluation, and score. Each sample has also been rewritten to a 9-band level for comparison and further guidance.